Turn Your Family Into Standees – Great Decorative & Gift Ideas



With the upcoming holiday season, you’re almost sure to be playing host to, or enjoying being, a guest at a house full of friends and relatives. The house is all clean, and the warm smell of pine fills the air, but you’re still looking for that last something to complete the whole look. Want a fail proof way to really wow your guests? The answer is a life size cardboard cut out!


You can easily turn any family member or friend into a cardboard standee, using any picture you would like! Available in sizes small to large, theres a perfect size for a wide variety of uses! Set everyone’s place at the table with fun, miniature table top cardboard cut outs, which also make great take home keepsakes!


Grandma would surely love a cardboard cutout of all the grand kids, and you can even record a custom message on a motion activated voicebox! This is a really cool feature to make your cut out completely thoughtful and personalized. They are battery operated, and have an on/off switch so you can turn them off whenever needed.


Printed self adhesive vinyl | Printed vinyl stickers

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