Top Five Ideas on How to Make a Child’s Bed Canopy


A bed canopy can transform a child’s old, plain-looking bed into something utterly magical and chic. It can also set the pace for the design and interiors of the rest of the room. What is more it is easy and inexpensive to do. In fact, you can do it yourself.


To make a bed canopy, first buy a set of metal rings at the local bookstore that are big enough to fit the horizontal post of the bed. Punch a hole into your fabric or curtain and insert the fabric inside the ring. Then, clasp the ring with the fabric around the horizontal post. Voila, you now have a do it yourself bed canopy.


Here are some great ideas on how to design or spruce up a child’s bed canopy.


  1. Bright and Colorful Prints


This is perhaps the easiest ways to make a child’s bed canopy. A great printed fabric can easily transform the bed without additional decorations. Go for prints that are dramatic, bright and bold. For instance, check out big geometric prints for kids or Asian-inspired tribal prints in fabric stores. They are great for older kids. Younger kids, on the other hand, will love butterfly prints, cartoon characters and moon/stars.


  1. A Rainbow Above


Sometimes a splash of color in a bed canopy is just the thing to brighten up a room. Look for striped prints with different colors. When the fabric is put up on the bed posts, the colors will be like rainbows all around.


  1. Go with a tulle


A tulle fabric gives a room more drama and a sense of magic. This is great for rooms that have a “princess” or “fairy” theme. One reminder though, tulles can easily gather dust so it will be better if you buy an extra bunch when the other one is in the laundry. One tip to spruce up your tulle bed canopy is to take small Christmas stars decors and tie or paste them onto the tulle. You can also buy gold stars from the local bookstores and glue them onto the tulle. Make sure though that you buy a material that is washable.


  1. Curtain Call


Some kids though want curtained bed canopy that completely covers the bed. This is advisable only for kids older than 5 years old because younger kids can accidentally choke or suffocate with such long fabric. Make sure that the fabric does not reach the floor. Usually, the fabric should just reach half of the bed’s leg.


  1. Beaded embellishments


If you have the time and want to make your child’s bed canopy a little bit more special, hang strings of bead all around the bed. This is perfect for either the hanging bed canopy or the curtained one. Just buy different colored beads at the local craft store, thread them and then tie them to the metal rings or around the post. Alternate a series of small beads with one big bead to achieve a more professional and dramatic effect. Make sure that the colors of the beads that you choose complement or contrast the colors of your fabric.


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