Choosing a Printing Service

It is not enough to have a brilliant idea, it is equally necessary to have the right partner to help you out with its implementation. If you have decided to get something printed you should be concerned about a lot of factors like design, colour, fonts, quality etc. This is exactly when you make a critical decision of choosing a printing service. Keep a check on the following factors while choosing a custom printing service:




Quality of the colours, printers, materials used are very important to give shape to your dreams. Check on the samples provided by the service provider and decide if they suit you in terms of quality and exact colour replication. Also take care of the exact fonts that you want to be printed them in. Many a times, look of a logo or a photo on your computer screen may not exactly replicate on the material (cup, t-shirt, flex banners, cards) you are printing them on. So it is better that before committing to a large quantity you get the samples checked first.




Price plays a key role in a competitive market. Though it is not necessary that the cheapest price offering vendor will be the best for you, but given the quality and quantity staying constant a huge escalated price is not justified. Ask your service providers to send across quotations and samples before you decide to pick on a custom printing service provider.


Delivery Time


Be strict about the time when you want your materials. Having promotional materials after the event or having gift items after the occasion doesn’t solve your purpose. Check on the ability of the printer to work under strict deadlines and check on his past references. If required, push him to deliver your products a couple of days before your scheduled time.


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